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Have a look at these different herringbone tiles patterns

Have a look at these different herringbone tiles patterns

When it comes to repurposing traditional subway tiles, our herringbone tiles pattern gives a modern interpretation of a time-honored style. Because each piece is created in the studio, it has an unmatched depth, diversity, and feel. Utilize our easy-to-install sheets to create a herringbone pattern. Here are some of our favorite herringbone designs for your next project.

Ombre Colored Herringbone Tile

You’re seeking a cozy, Scandinavian-style bathroom. Consider the Pinterest-perfect design by the exceptional Joinery and Design Co. Our other favorites include a herringbone marble tile design and an ombre tile pattern. It’s an excellent way to call attention to a particular section of your house. While we enjoy color, this neutral approach demonstrates that you can make a statement without going crazy.

A Bar Tile Design

Bars are the perfect setting for adventurous design experimentation, whether at home or in a restaurant. In this dramatic and dismal atmosphere, a glossy emerald tile is an ideal approach to make a statement. Simply by rearranging these 3″x6″ herringbone tiles into a herringbone pattern, the space has a fashionable, elegant, and dramatic air.

Backsplash with Ombre Patterns in Vibrant Colors.

Ombres do not have to be uniform in color throughout to be effective. We recommend getting inventive when it comes to this intriguing tile design. Instead of the always-on-trend black to grey to white ombre, an ombre of several glaze colors from our color palette will enable your originality to shine through. This basement bar tile backsplash, which displays a mosaic piece of art, will captivate all of your guests.

Custom Tile Lettering Created to Your Specifications

Featuring custom tile lettering on pink herringbone tiles. Kindly accept my money! It’s no secret that we’re a little bit obsessed with tile writing. As we often say, if anything inspires you, put it on tile! Custom tile writing might include a favorite slogan, a noteworthy occasion, or even a family crest. The Coven chose pink herringbone tiles to surround their inspirational mosaic, enhancing its visual appeal.

Kitchen Backsplash with Shiny Green Tile

The kiln produced 75 exquisite Emerald herringbone tiles in a range of shades from light emerald to vibrant teal. Due to their shiny and flawless surface, these tiles are unequaled. Because this glaze and pattern combination has been executed flawlessly on a frequent basis, we decided to make them readily available for purchase on our webshop.

Farmhouse-Inspired Backsplash

This warm color palette of burnt tones is ideal for creating a cozy ambiance with a hint of casual elegance. The burnt orange family of colors, which includes terra cotta floors and caramel farmhouse backsplashes, is both timeless and contemporary. Consider open shelves if you’re dealing with herringbone tiles. Make the most of your custom tiled backsplash by providing the perfect backdrop for dishes, bowls, and other decorative objects. You can read about A simple look at herringbone tiles by visiting

Backsplash with herringbone design in the laundry room

Enhance the romantic undertones of the herringbone tiles design with one of our 28 Everglades glaze hues. Nothing says Scandinavian quite like combining glazing and design in the same room. If you are not a minimalist, herringbone may remain your preferred pattern. Choose bold colors that represent your maximalism style while selecting your ceramic tile. These earthy green tiles are full of personality and are great for a modern interpretation of Scandinavian design that incorporates a personal touch.

There is a Pink Floor Proclamation.

Bear in mind that when it comes to decorating, your flooring may make a significant impact. When it comes to pink, it’s difficult to disagree with our 309E Grapefruit glaze. It’s vibrant without being garish. Choose pink herringbone tiles for your laundry room or bathroom.

Shower in Herringbone Pattern with Numerous Variations

Due of the prominent pattern on herringbone tiles, avoid going overboard with color. This shower nook embodies the notion of sometimes less is more. Glazes with a high degree of variety provide a particular depth and personality to each tile, serving as a continual reminder of the one-of-a-kind nature of the handmade tile.

Herringbone Tiles Bars should be trimmed

Drink stations like this one by Bari J. demonstrate that a tiled wall is not required to make …