How to keep kitchen island lights from going out after an electric storm

May 19, 2021 0 Comments

On a frigid New Year’s Day, a couple of weeks before the New Year, the lights in their kitchen island are on full display.

“We’ve had a really bad storm, and they’re going out now, so they’re just hanging out in the kitchen,” said Rachel O’Brien.

The couple’s two small children are playing in the hallway and their husband, Kevin, is tending to the stove and cleaning up.

“So it’s kind of like a warm-up,” O’Briens said.

“The lights are still off, but they’re a little bit brighter.”

Kevin O’Connor is also tending to his small fire.

“It’s pretty hard to get the fire going,” he said.

But his wife, Rachel, is not having any of it.

“I think that’s a really big mistake, and we don’t want to let the house burn down,” Rachel said.

So the couple took the unusual step of putting up a makeshift Christmas tree on their kitchen floor, which has now been taken down by their insurance company.

“They took our Christmas tree down,” Kevin said.

He said his insurance company told him that the lights could go out at any time and that the house should be evacuated.

“My wife said, ‘We’ve been doing this for two weeks and they haven’t done anything,'” Kevin said of the insurance company’s response.

“But they’ve said they can’t come here.”

Insurance company told to fix house after electrical stormInsurance companies in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario have been told to put up temporary fire and power lines to keep lights and appliances from going off.

A spokesperson for Alberta Insurance said that since December, insurance companies have been issued a total of $1.8 million in claims for problems caused by power lines.

“That’s a lot of money,” said Kristin Macdonald, with the Alberta Insurance and Fire Service.

“You can’t get any kind of a refund out of that,” she said.

Insurance and Insurance Commissioner of Alberta David Anderson has asked insurers to start putting up temporary electrical lines in all three provinces, so residents can keep their homes safe during a power outage.

“As we get closer to the end of the winter, it is important to be aware of the risk of any sudden loss of power,” he wrote in a news release.

“If you have concerns or a problem that requires immediate attention, please contact us and we will work with you as quickly as possible.”

The province said in a release that people should always keep their home safe and be prepared to evacuate if the power is out.

“When there is a sudden loss or disruption of power, it can cause a significant disruption in services and access to services,” it said.

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