When a knife is more than just a tool, it’s a weapon of war

July 19, 2021 0 Comments

A knife is not a toy.

It’s a tool.

It has to be used responsibly.

And it’s only effective when it’s used with the intention of harming others.

That’s the lesson from the Israeli stabbing of two Palestinian men, Ahed Shoukry and Ibrahim Abu Khdeir, on Wednesday night in a Jerusalem neighborhood, in what has been called the “worst knife attack in the world” in recent years.

It was a knife that was used in a terror attack.

And as a result, a knife has now become a weapon.

And that’s what makes it dangerous.

This knife was used to stab a young man, a 17-year-old, who was carrying his bicycle when it was shot at by the attackers, Israeli police said.

He was lightly injured and taken to hospital.

The stabbing of the young man was the third knife attack carried out by an Israeli attacker in the last few weeks in Jerusalem, which has seen a sharp rise in violence.

The violence has also forced the Israeli government to consider how to keep the city safe, and how to combat the threat posed by knife attacks.

In the weeks since the stabbing, there have been more than 150 knife attacks in the capital and several hundred reported in the West Bank.

That includes the death of an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank in the past few days, the wounding of several Israeli settlers and the murder of a Palestinian teen in a West Bank settlement, who authorities say was stabbed in the head and killed.

The West Bank has been on edge since November, when a 16-year old Palestinian boy was stabbed to death by an assailant who was later shot dead.

The teen was stabbed and shot multiple times by a soldier who said he feared for his life.

The Palestinian teenager’s death was the first to be reported in Israel since a teenager was stabbed dead in a Palestinian village in the city last month.

There were two stabbing attacks in Israel last month: the murder and wounding of a 16 year old Palestinian in Jerusalem’s Old City, where he was shot dead, and the stabbing of an 18-year and 14-year olds at a West Jerusalem bus station.

Both were carried out with a knife.

Israel says the stabbing was carried out on the bus.

But it has denied that the two youths were linked to the Jerusalem attacks.

And a few days later, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called for a new knife-law to curb knife attacks and called on the world to help.

He said the knife law, which was approved by the Knesset on Thursday, is aimed at deterring knife attacks against Israeli civilians.

It would apply to all types of weapons, including knives.

It also includes the ban on the sale and possession of knives.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people killed by knife violence.

In December, a Palestinian teenager stabbed to die in the Old City of Jerusalem, in a stabbing carried out in retaliation for the death last month of a 14- year old Israeli settler in a settlement in the central West Bank, who police say was shot to death.

In March, a 13-year, 7-month-old Palestinian child was stabbed by an Arab youth in the northern West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.

In May, a 14 year old boy was killed by a knife-wielding Palestinian assailant who then fled to a car in the settlement of Maale Adumim and drove it to the village of Khirbet Golan.

In June, a teenager from a settlement killed a 16 years old Israeli soldier at a checkpoint near Jerusalem, who the soldier’s parents say was killed for the second time by a Palestinian assailant.

Last month, a 16 and 12-year -old Palestinian boys were stabbed to deaths at a bus station in the same area.

And in July, a 15-year –old Palestinian man was stabbed, then shot dead by a member of the Israeli military who police said had been acting on orders from Israeli authorities.

Last month, the Jerusalem municipality launched a crackdown on knife violence, with the creation of a police unit that will be tasked with investigating all knife attacks, as well as the arrest of anyone who uses a knife in a violent manner.

And police have also started to detain individuals suspected of carrying out knife attacks for questioning.

In a statement on Wednesday, the municipal police said the unit would focus on knife crimes, and it would be responsible for investigating knife crimes.

It said that, in addition, there would be a team of social workers and social workers of the municipality, the district and the police to assist the unit.

But the statement also stressed that knife crime was a serious problem in the area, and that the municipal government would continue to do everything it can to prevent knife attacks from happening in the future.

The Israeli government has vowed to improve security around Jerusalem and to increase police presence in the areas that are home to a large number of Palestinian settlers.

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