Israel: ‘We want to know how the food is prepared’

The Israeli military has confirmed to The Jerusalem Times that an Israeli soldier accidentally ate a cow that was found inside a bag of chicken and egg soup that was brought to the Israeli forces’ main camp in the Gaza Strip.

The army said the soldier, identified only as Lt.

Col. A., was brought back to base after eating the meat.

The soldier has been charged with stealing the meat, a charge that carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

The meat was found in the bag of soup on Saturday night, according to the army, which said it will continue to investigate the incident.

Israel does not have a strict ban on eating animals, but the army said that its policy was not to eat meat from animals that were captured in its conflict with Hamas.

According to the military, the soldier did not realize the meat was from a cow and that it was from another soldier.

The Israeli government said that the meat is being kept for a study of how the military uses and prepares the meat to ensure that it is safe.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed the presence of the meat and said that it will send it to the Palestinian Authority’s food distribution network in Ramallah, where it will be tested to determine the quality of the ingredients.

The ministry said it has asked for the soldier’s arrest and is seeking to secure a formal investigation.

The IDF does not eat pork, but Israel does eat chicken, and Israel does sell chicken to the United States and other countries, including Canada, France, Germany and Australia.

The United States has long maintained that meat from Palestinian animals is not kosher, and it has not been a party to any recent international or Israeli court rulings that declared that meat is.

In 2015, the European Union voted to ban all meat from the Palestinian territories, including meat from slaughtered animals.

In November, Israel announced it was ending its prohibition on meat exports from the Gaza strip, but it was expected to restart exports in January.

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