How the kitchen renovation cost Walmart $4.2M

A $4 million renovation of a Walmart kitchen that cost the company $4,217,943 to complete is being hailed as a major success story by a consumer advocacy group, a consumer advocate group says.

The $4 billion project at the upscale shopping center in Dallas will transform the home into a family-friendly space for children.

The project, completed last year, also included a $500,000 remodel of the kitchen sink fountains, which are in use by more than 400,000 families in the area, according to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a nonprofit group that advocates for lakes, rivers and wetlands.

The remodel will also be used for new water fountaining fixtures, which have long been in use at Walmart stores around the world.

“It is a tremendous win for our community, especially the children,” said Erin Bierman, president of the Alliance, in a statement.

The Alliance is also calling on Walmart to increase the number of children who are allowed to use the kitchen, including opening it to parents for breakfast and dinner.

“We know that Walmart needs to get kids moving in the kitchen again and again,” she said.

“Our hope is that this project will lead to a return of some of the joy that children bring to the family table.”

The renovation included replacing the kitchen with a new version, dubbed the “Kitchen Garden” with an attached garage, that is designed to make it easier for children to play in and around the house.

“The Kitchen Garden was an opportunity to design the kitchen so it can be more interactive for families,” said Laura Mather, vice president of product development for the Alliance.

“That will give kids the opportunity to explore, create and grow and have fun.”

Walmart has been working to transform its corporate culture, with an emphasis on “innovation, growth and sustainability,” according to its website.

But it is not just about the shopping center, the Alliance said.

The organization called the project a “major milestone for the future of Walmart.”

The organization said the new project is a major step toward making Walmart a leader in sustainability and sustainability education.

The renovation is part of a growing number of Walmart initiatives aimed at fostering social, environmental and health benefits.

Walmart’s commitment to environmental stewardship has been a focus of the alliance since the group launched a “Save Our Lakes” campaign earlier this year, said Mather.

Walmart, for example, recently launched a $30 million initiative to invest in a “Green House” in North Carolina that is meant to “connect Walmart with communities around the country that have a need for green and renewable energy.”

The project is part in a growing movement by Walmart and other big companies to use renewable energy to cut their carbon footprint.

Last month, for instance, the company announced it will double the amount of solar panels it uses in its supply chain.

And last month, Walmart announced that it will add solar panels to its warehouse facilities.

In a statement to CNNMoney, Walmart said it has a number of initiatives, including a $1 billion program to help communities meet energy needs and improve health.

The group said the project is not the first time Walmart has turned to sustainability to address its environmental concerns.

In December, Walmart paid $1.5 million to buy the company’s third wind farm in the United States, which will generate power for the store’s warehouse facilities, the statement said.

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