Which restaurant has the best pizza?

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Now Playing: This kid stole $7,000 from his dad’s bank account, now he’s facing jail time Now Playing.

Now Playing Woman takes the heat off an Uber driver who was fired Now Playing Trump fires the FBI director after she was fired by the president Now Playing Police are searching for a missing boy from Tennessee Now Playing ‘Funny’ woman who lost $7K from her parents’ bank account says she’s ‘proud’ Now Playing New bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act has a name for the bills Now Playing President Trump: ‘It’s the worst thing in the world’ to fire FBI director Now Playing What the first lady has been wearing since she became first lady Now Playing Watch a dog play with Donald Trump Now Playing This is the worst first day of school for girls Now Playing Ivanka Trump visits the Washington Redskins training camp Now Playing Kavanaugh’s accuser claims the President sexually assaulted her Now Playing How to stop sexual harassment from happening to you Now Playing Donald Trump has apologized for using his ‘grab her by the pussy’ tweet Now Playing A woman is speaking out about her experience with the President Now Playing Is this the first time the White House has apologized to the First Family?

Now Playing It’s not the first day President Trump has used Twitter to insult a journalist Now Playing Melania Trump was fired from the White Street Club after a photo surfaced of her posing with her bare breasts Now Playing An FBI agent says Donald Trump asked her to lie to him about sexual assault Now Playing Here’s what’s on President Trump’s calendar this week Now Playing Congress should impeach President Trump Now Using social media to attack a reporter Now Playing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch: ‘I don’t care’ about Kavanaugh’s testimony Now Playing The White House’s response to the Kavanaugh allegations Now Playing Why a Trump tweet is causing the media’s reaction to become political Now Playing Senator Jeff Flake says he’ll vote to impeach Trump Now

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