‘China Kitchen’ for home chefs opens in Chicago

A new Chinese kitchen in Chicago is opening to the public in a first for a major American city.

The Kitchen Gadget store is being built at 2124 W. Grand Avenue.

Cooking experts say it will allow home cooks to get more out of their kitchen gadgets.

The Chinese kitchen is one of the first major new kitchens to open in a major U.S. city.

It’s part of a growing trend in Chinese kitchens.

Chinese-American home cooks, who have become a growing market for the Chinese kitchen, are becoming increasingly interested in learning the skills they’ll need to make the Chinese dishes of the future.

Last year, the New York Times reported on the increasing interest from home cooks in learning Chinese cooking.

A Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles opened in 2014 with a Chinese-style menu.

In San Francisco, a Chinese restaurant is also under construction in the Castro.

There are more than 60 new Chinese restaurants in the U.N. refugee camps in India and China, according to a new report by the U in Beijing Foundation, a U.K.-based nonprofit.

The Chinese restaurants are among the most popular in the country, said Wang Xiaogang, who runs the foundation.

Chinese restaurants have a wide range of dishes, and they also often use local ingredients.

The kitchen at the Chinese Kitchen Gadget is a place to learn Chinese cooking skills, said Lisa Chen, who is helping to run the new restaurant.

This Chinese restaurant will have a range of Asian dishes, including stir-fried tofu and sesame chicken, she said.

It will also be the first Chinese kitchen to be open in the city.

Chen, who has worked in China for almost a decade, said it was important to her that the Chinese restaurants had a home.

The Chinese Kitchen is an experiment in building an international brand, Chen said.

In addition to the Chinese-inspired food, the restaurant will offer traditional Chinese cuisine such as stir-frying and steamed buns, as well as traditional Chinese wine and spirits.

The store is the first of its kind in the United States.

Chen said the Chinese brand is a way for the restaurants to show the people of China that they are welcoming to them and not afraid to be different.

Food is an important part of Chinese culture, she added.

With the new Chinese-influenced menu, the kitchen will also offer a wide variety of Chinese dishes, Chen added.

The restaurant is not a restaurant but a cultural institution.

The new Chinese Kitchen has also set a new benchmark for Chinese food, said Yang Zhenghong, the director of marketing at Chinese restaurants and entertainment in China.

The new Chinese menu will be the most widely available in the world, he said.

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