Ikea has ‘big plans’ for Green Kitchen Island

The Swedish furniture maker Ikea is set to open its first green kitchen in a bid to tackle climate change and reduce its emissions.

The Swedish furniture giant has been lobbying governments to open up green kitchen facilities in order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Green kitchen island ideas are on the rise.

A study by the Swedish environmental think tank Demos found that more than 60 per cent of the 2,700 public green kitchen projects in the country were being built in cities and small towns, rather than suburbs and more rural areas.

The Green Kitchen is set for a grand opening on September 15 in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

“The Green Garden and Garden Islands will serve as an eco-friendly space for residents to create and design their own private gardens in their own space,” said Ikea’s spokesperson, Kirsten Löve.

“It is a big step forward for the sustainability of our brand and will also have a huge impact on the environment,” she added.

“Green Kitchen islands are an excellent idea, they are also a very natural and beautiful environment for the birds.”

Green Kitchen Islands have been created by local communities in Sweden and Finland.

The island is set in the middle of the city’s main thoroughfare, and the islands are designed to look like a garden with seating and seating-style balconies.

The island is designed to be a home to birds, with the green areas surrounding a courtyard where they can gather and feed.

It is hoped that the island will also attract more people, who will have the opportunity to enjoy the island for themselves.

Aerial shots show the island’s size, the design, and how it looks from above.

Aerial view of the green garden with a balcony overlooking the courtyard.

Image courtesy of Ikea source BBC Newswire title Ikeas green kitchen island designs for the new year and beyond will be a ‘beautiful thing’ for birds source BBC The Independent article The next few months will see the green kitchen islands, and a number of other green initiatives planned, kick off.

This year, the Swedish furniture brand is setting up the first island in Finland, with plans to open a second island in Sweden.

This summer, the Green Kitchen will open its doors in the capital Stockholm, and Ikea plans to expand its Green Kitchen islands around the world, according to its website.

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