How to make Chinese kitchen lighting fixtures that work on your Mac

May 28, 2021 0 Comments

It may seem like a small thing, but making Chinese kitchen light fixtures work on the Mac makes all the difference in the world.

The Chinese have been known to build some pretty impressive home decorating fixtures for years now.

And even though they’re pretty simple, they do a great job of giving your Mac an edge.

First, they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

I’ve written before about how I found these to be a great way to get a feel for the overall look of a Chinese kitchen.

I was also impressed with the quality of the Chinese-made light fixtures.

These Chinese-designed light fixtures have a built-in water filtration system.

It’s not the most modern of design, but it’s pretty darned good.

It actually works well enough to work as a fixture on the side of a door.

This is the same kind of fixture I use for my Apple TV set up.

You can see how the water filters have been installed in the lower part of the fixture.

It doesn’t have a separate drain or a water pump, but there are two ports for the water to flow through, and it’s all plugged into the wall sockets.

If the water is running through the drain ports, the water will drip down through the wall into the fixture, which is a great thing.

The bottom of the water filter is for draining and storing excess water.

It looks like a simple piece of metal with a plastic cap that goes through the bottom of it.

The top has a hole in it that holds the filter in place.

The bottom of this thing is covered in a plastic filter cover.

The second part of this fixture is for storing the water.

This one’s an integral part of my setup, and I’ll describe it in more detail in a minute.

The top of the filter is a metal plate that holds in the water while it’s being drained.

This plate is lined with a thin membrane that prevents water from running through it.

It has an attached metal hose.

It holds in about a foot of water.

The water in the filter has to go somewhere, and there’s a hole on the top of it for it to go through.

You’ll notice that the water isn’t directly running into the metal plate.

It is going through a plastic tube.

The tube is then attached to the filter cover, and the water can’t come out.

It does not need to drain into the plastic tube, which prevents the tube from leaking water into the rest of the house.

This tube has an attachment point for holding the filter inside the fixture so that the filter doesn’t get damaged when it’s out of the tube.

This allows you to get the filter out when it needs to.

The filter can be removed with a screwdriver.

This next part of it is where the Chinese come in.

There’s a water drain on the inside of the light fixture that you can hook into.

This water drain can be adjusted for the size of the drain and the amount of water that you want to drain.

I found that a large drain worked well, but a small one worked better for me.

You just have to be careful when setting it up to make sure it works properly.

The other part of these lights is a hose for holding a filter.

I’m using this part for holding and draining the water that’s in the fixture as well as for holding some water in my sink while I’m washing dishes.

I just set this part up so that it runs through the hole in the bottom so that water drains into the drain port of the sink.

It should be clear from the pictures that this hose has a little plastic cap on it, but this is just to make it easier to read.

The end of the hose connects to a plastic plug that is attached to a standard water pump that’s included with your Chinese-built fixture.

You may notice that I’ve marked the water in this picture as having a hole for the hose to come through, but I’m not attaching it to the fixture by mistake.

I put the water plug in here because the water flow is more than sufficient to make the water drain from the fixture into the sink, and that way the water won’t drain into my sink.

The next step is to put the fixture in its place.

I used my Mac to install the water faucet and a light fixture and a water-purifying fixture into place.

Once everything was installed, I attached the two components together using two screws.

The water fountains are a good way to make things easy for a Chinese.

You need to be sure that they’re in place properly to allow for proper draining.

This final piece of the setup is for putting the fixture back in place on the wall.

I mounted this part in the middle of the wall with a piece of electrical tape.

The screws that hold the fixture on its own are all mounted in a place that will allow them to be easily removed

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